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Certify your English online

Do you want an internationally recognized English language certificate to improve your career or study abroad? With LanguageCert's online English exams, all you need is a computer, a webcam and an Internet connection.


Buy your exam now at an affordable price and choose to do it anytime within 1 year!

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Discover the benefits

Exams anytime

Adapt the exam to your program and you can do it online on any day and time 24/7, within 1 year of purchase. If you change your mind you can simply move the date and time.


Exams everywhere

Take your exam from the comfort of your home or office. You just have to make sure you have a quiet, uninterrupted room.


International recognition

Get an English certificate recognised worldwide and accepted by leading governments and institutions




Register up to 4 hours before the exam and get the results in just 3 working days




Get support from a real person always online to guide you and make sure your experience is comfortable




It is a new way of taking the exam, providing the same qualifications and credentials as the exams taken at an accredited exam centre.



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​​Practice tests

Support for LanguageCert International ESOL.

Written & Spoken Exam Official Practice Papers.


Select the exam level you want to practice. 



Practice Tests
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How to take an online exam

Navigate the slideshow to for a step by step Guide on how to take an Online Proctored Exam

For additional support go to LanguageCert's Online Exams FAQ

How to take an online exam
Frequently Asked Questions
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