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Caledonia is the Latin name that the Romans gave to the land north of their province of Britannia, beyond the frontier of their empire. Today, it is commonly used as a poetic name for Scotland. At Caledonian English, we are proud of our roots in Scotland and have chosen this name as a tribute to the country's rich history and culture.

The Caledonian School of English is a family-run school, exclusively managed and founded by experienced teachers, Mr David MacFarlane and Mrs Hanane MacFarlane. Our goal is to create an association of highly qualified mother-tongue teachers, teaching consultants, and education management experts to meet the ever-changing demands of our students in an increasingly global and connected world.

Our strength lies in our modern, minimalist approach to everyday management, which involves the use of the latest technologies. By eliminating complex and expensive management structures and intermediaries, and not depending on third-party teachers and directors, we can focus on our students and their English language learning needs. This allows us to concentrate our resources on the quality of our courses, guaranteeing unbeatable quality and value for our students.

At Caledonian English, we take our students' objectives as our own, and we are committed to providing a top-quality teaching service at an affordable price.

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What makes us stand out

Our experience

Highly qualified teaching professionals at your disposal

our method

All our courses are tailored to the individual needs of our students

OUR facilities

Equipped with the latest technologies and designed to make our students feel welcome and comfortable

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Why choose us?
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Why Choose Caledonian

Our Background

Founding Directors David and Hanane are a married couple of experienced mother-tongue English language teachers from the UK. David was born in Edinburgh and was brought up around different parts of the UK and has also previously worked and studied in Italy. Hanane was born in La Tronche in France but spent most of her formative and working years in the UK. They both graduated in foreign languages, literature, culture and social sciences at the University of Strathclyde - UK in 2007 and went on to specialise in postgraduate studies in education and social sciences, graduating with a Masters of Research and Postgraduate Diploma in Education in 2009.

After maturing their teaching career for a few years in state schools and universities in the UK they decided to use their knowledge and experience of learning and teaching modern languages to start a teaching career abroad.

We practice what we preach!

As highly qualified language teachers and proud parents of two perfectly trilingual children, David and Hanane actively speak three languages in their day-to-day life. They are eager to share their passion and knowledge with those who are willing to learn.

Our Experience

Our rich multicultural background, accrued in academia and in the service sector, gives us a special advantage as teachers of students from different backgrounds.

Our experience teaching and managing schools, teachers and students of all ages and backgrounds gives us a more complete view of the various needs and requirements of different students.

We have also worked and studied across different countries at all levels of the labour market in the service sector, from the front and back office, to the classroom, enriching us with a unique insight and respect for all levels of society.

In addition to being graduates and specialised in foreign literature, education and social sciences, we also have different areas of expertise. This allows us to make our lessons more interesting and educational. We bring this rich cultural experience, insight, and personality into our lessons.

We believe that dynamism, humour, and wit are key in any successful learning environment so naturally, we bring our humour and personality to create a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Our Methods

There are so many schools and teachers nowadays claiming to have discovered some groundbreaking method, promising to bring you results and fluency in record times. However, experience has taught us that all students are different and that although there are general cultural and linguistic factors to be considered, there are also individual differences in the way each student approaches and learns a new language. Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” method to language learning and that is why we tailor and adapt our methods and lessons according to the individual needs and abilities of each of our students. Learning and Teaching is a two-way street and the most efficient method is to nurture a dynamic feedback loop where the teacher constantly adapts their lessons to the evolving needs of the student.

Although we are native speakers, we have a good working knowledge of Italian and other foreign languages, and we have first-hand experience of the various problems encountered in learning English from the perspective of another language and where there is often confusion, ambiguity and misunderstanding. We know the importance of speaking English during lessons and our method involves getting students speaking as early as possible. However, not all students are equal and we know very well when it is necessary to give explanations or make comparisons with the student’s native language.

Our Facilities


At Caledonian, we believe that the ideal learning environment should be welcoming and familiar, yet equipped with the latest multimedia technologies to create a fun and sociable atmosphere that stimulates true and lasting learning. Our courses and projects are conducted in well-equipped classrooms on and off-site, in collaboration with other private and state schools. Our local school is modern, comfortable and equipped with all the latest innovative technologies to provide a premium service, catering to small group sessions, private lessons and exam sessions.

We understand that not all venues meet our standards, so for off-site courses, we provide our own equipment and materials to ensure that all our students receive the same quality teaching and facilities. Caledonian English is a Cambridge Preparation Center, and we also provide support and prepare for a number of internationally recognised exams such as IELTS, Pearson, LanguageCert Gatehouse Awards, and many more. We only work with examination boards recognised by the British Council and regulated by Ofqual, as well as most state education ministries around the world.

We want to work with you.

We offer freelance teaching services and collaborate on local and regional educational projects and initiatives, promoting innovation and a spirit of collaboration between private and state institutions to offer a better learning experience for students and teachers from all backgrounds. Additionally, we offer professional translation and interpreting services carried out by native speakers in all areas of specialization, catering to individuals, groups, companies, and schools.

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