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Tailored Agreements

Experience a tailored English course designed to propel your business forward, featuring international certification, expert native speaker instruction, and unlimited access to our cutting-edge iPractice Platform and Learnclick—all starting at just €150.


Exclusively available for private companies, government agencies, armed forces (Police/Carabinieri), and their families, this exceptional offering combines personalized learning and globally recognized credentials to empower your organization's success on the international stage.

Tailored English courses to propel your business forward

Elevate your communication skills with English courses designed to foster essential life and language abilities, both oral and written, for seamless integration into the ever-expanding global workforce.

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Sample Costs

Our General English course offers the opportunity for international exam certification, in-person instruction with native speaker teachers, and unlimited access to the iPractice Platform and Learnclick, starting at €150 per person*.


Customize the number of face-to-face teaching hours to perfectly match your students' requirements.

For instance, consider our 75-hour course with 50 modules for just €525* per person.

Other Examples

60 Hrs - 40 modules: €420*

45 Hrs - 30 modules: €315*

30 Hrs - 20 modules: €250*

15 Hrs - 10 modules: €150*



*Pricing is based on a group of 10 trainees and does not include exam fees. The decision to take the examination is optional and determined by the individual student. For example, the cost of the B1 exam ranges from €120-150. Teaching material costs may vary depending on the course type and specialization.



Exceptional Quality at Unbeatable Prices

We promise to deliver excellent value for money in every course, whether held on-site or online. Our pricing is designed to cover essential teaching and material costs, ensuring that our students receive the best possible education without compromising on quality.


All prices include fees, contributions, and teaching materials, except for some specialist courses where an additional book may be needed. Each lesson comes with a multimedia tutorial, online interactive quizzes, presentations, and many other activities.

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No-Obligation Online Assessment

We invite you to take our diagnostic test at no obligation. This assessment not only helps us determine your current language proficiency, but also allows you to specify your goals, schedule, and other preferences.



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