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Caledonian English was founded in 2016 by experienced EFL teachers and directors. We bring many years of experience in Education Management and Modern Language Teaching.


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Caledonian English provides Teaching Consulting Services to a network of Language schools and to participating state schools. We provide EFL Teacher training and recruitment; course and syllabus creation and management; Examination Centre setup and management. Most of our services are co-ordinated by our main Centre in Barletta previously in Reggio Calabria which also provides EFL courses and examinations to students of all level and ages locally and online.


Our first-hand experience as teachers gives us a special insight into the relationship between teacher and student and a better understanding of what is needed to provide a better teaching/learning experience.

We operate within an innovative and dynamic framework to ensure quality teaching across all our schools. We value our teachers’ and students’ feedback and constantly strive to better our methods. Teaching materials, methods and resources are reviewed on a regular basis from the provided feedback from students and regular teacher meetings.

Although all our teachers operate within a set of guidelines and framework to ensure the same quality and standards across all schools, our teachers are encouraged to bring with them their individuality, humour and personality into the classroom to create a fun and enjoyable learning environment for students of all ages.

The main Centre in Barletta is headed by Managers and founders Mr and Mrs David and Hanane Macfarlane. The Teaching and examinations are conducted by David Macfarlane and Hanane Macfarlane in collaboration with other teachers, examiners etc. from other accredited schools and partners