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Business Course

English for Business

Learners need new skills for the global workplace.

Aspiring global professionals need the language and the communication and business skills to stand out from the crowd.

Business Partner develops the skills and language learners need to be more employable and effective in the workplace.

Covering the full range of business English learner needs, including listening, situational role plays, reading articles, and discussing a variety of business issues. This course is for students who want to improve all areas of their business English.

La formazione pratica necessaria per colmare il divario tra la didattica e il mondo del lavoro.

Progressi misurabili nell'apprendimento dell'inglese che contribuiscono a migliorare il vostro inserimento nel mondo del lavoro.

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Business Partner

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Learn English in a modern, well-equipped, and fun environment with our expert native speakers!

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