Private lessons with a live professional mother-tongue teacher.

Caledonian English offers various study options for all levels from beginner to advanced.

We offer Private 'ONE on ONE' lessons locally in person or online via SKYPE or similar platforms.

List prices are intended as a guide only and may vary based on the duration and type of course chosen.

Lesson material is included in the price.


Private online lessons have huge advantages. 

Read on to discover how. 


If you can't make it for a private lesson for any reason, just notify us and agree on another day or time. This way you 'll never lose out and you won't fall behind.

High-quality interaction where you feel listened to

With the one-on-one model, your teacher can commit themselves to listening and actively responding to you. Although your teacher organises the material and structure of the lesson, the lessons are almost always guided by you where you have control over your questions and the feedback you receive from your teachers.

The low-stress environment frees you from the fear of failure

Through individual interactions, you create a friendly relationship between you and your teacher, you will learn to trust your teacher and you will have a completely safe space to share openly. In group courses, students are often afraid to answer questions, make mistakes or take risks. With a caring teacher, in an online private lesson, there is no wrong answer or silly question and you don't have to be afraid of being yourself.

We can evaluate your progress and your mastery

In a ONE ON ONE relationship, the teacher can get to know you and keep track of your progress, measuring your success and your difficulties. The teacher can completely modify the lesson plans, deadlines, course plans etc. So as to fully serve your needs.

It gives you the opportunity to make that extra effort and become independent

In individual interactions and self-study, you are not given the opportunity to rely on your peers, copy someone else's work or fall back on others' ideas. This greatly increases your personal responsibility for learning, forcing you to take the course work seriously and master the material fully.

Avoid overstimulation and eliminate many distractions

Without the distraction and overstimulation of a room full of colleagues, you are able to focus all your attention on your teacher and the material being learned. Individual interactions allow you to use all your brainpower on the course and not on the surrounding environment.

Ability to customize lessons and assignments

In addition to being able to customize the course by focusing only on the topics where you have greater difficulty and speeding up the times in those you have already grasped, you also have the possibility to choose with your teacher the topics and conversations which interest you most. You can also customise course times, projects, assignments, test types etc. according to your unique passions and learning styles. Your teacher will always align conversations and tasks with what interests you and inspires you.

We adapt to your communication style

Individual interactions offer you excellent opportunities to practice interpersonal and conversational communication with a native speaker. We are also careful to communicate in a way that makes you feel comfortable. In individual lessons, you do not need to adapt to the teacher's style, be forced to decode the language provided by your teacher, learn the material and then understand again how to communicate to the teacher in a specific way. Instead, communication, sharing ideas, questions and answers can be more organic and malleable based on your preferences.


With traditional lessons, you have to adapt to the school program. If the lesson is at 4 pm, you must be in the class at that time and you must attend the whole lesson. Failing to do these things will result in the loss of valuable information. Online lessons make it much easier to adapt things to your schedule. You can listen to lessons while you're on the train or while driving to your workplace. You can watch videos on the bus. You can respond to comments while sitting in the bar. You can even watch part of a recorded lesson, pause it, and then return to it at an appropriate time. If you already have a complete program, online lessons are the perfect solution.


If you've never been tech-savvy, online lessons will force you out of your comfort zone (in the good sense). You will have to learn to navigate the lessons of the course, download material, interact with others online and communicate well digitally. Yes, this can be scary for some people! However, in the information age, these are essential skills and will allow you to keep up with others. A recent survey found that: The most important skills that employees lack are computer and technical skills. Of those who claim to need skills for their current job, many have technical deficiencies, including computer skills. The online lessons and courses will only benefit you.


At Caledonian, we are committed to empowering each of our students to achieve their educational goals and prepare for an extraordinary future. Individual lessons help students become the best versions of themselves and rediscover the joy of learning.

In a private One On One lesson, you will have the undivided attention of the teacher. This means more opportunities to engage in real communication, more feedback and a better understanding of your needs.

You will have more control over the course and lesson objectives, rhythm and materials and you will have more opportunities to use your teacher as a resource: ask questions, see language models and practice your skills.




The price varies according to the package you choose.

English ONE on ONE

General English

Lezioni individuali in persona svolti in aula privata o online dove vuoi quando vuoi.

Il tipo di lezione e corso viene fatto su misura da un insegnante esperto madrelingua.  

ONE on ONE Exam prep

Preparazione Esami

Lezioni individuali per chi vuole perfezionare il proprio livello e prepararsi per uno degli esami internazionali principali:

  • Cambridge KET, PET, FCE and CAE.



  • Gatehouse

  • Trinity

Puoi scegliere di svolgere le lezioni in persona in aula privata o online.

ONE on ONE Business

Business and Commercial English

Lezioni di inglese aziendale per chi ha già un livello intermedio B1.

Puoi scegliere di svolgere le lezioni in persona o online.

Cours Particuliers de Français

Formation en Français

Lezioni individuali in persona svolti in aula privata o online dove vuoi quando vuoi.

Il tipo di lezione e corso viene fatto su misura da un insegnante esperto madrelingua francese.  

Italiano per Stranieri / Italian for Foreigners

Italian as a second language

Lezioni individuali di italiano per stranieri svolti in aula privata o online dove vuoi quando vuoi.

Il tipo di lezione e corso viene fatto su misura da un insegnante esperto.  

ONEonONE Teachers - Con Carta del Docente (available only in Italy)

Corsi individuali 1 on 1 per i livelli (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 e C2) durata: 15-75 ore

Corsi individuali 1 on 1 per i livelli (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 e C2) durata: 15-75* ore

Lezioni individuali in persona svolti in aula privata o online dove vuoi quando vuoi.
Il tipo di lezione e corso viene fatto su misura da un insegnante esperto madrelingua.  
Materiale didattico è incluso nel prezzo.

*durata minma della lezione 1.5 ore

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* The price shown is the average hourly price for 2 lessons per week of at least 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Eg for general English the first lesson (45 minutes) costs € 25.00 and then € 5.00 for every 15 minutes.

You can choose to share the time with others by paying a supplement of € 10.00 for each additional student.

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