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Teaching Programme

Our summer English courses are designed for children aged 11 to 18. On average, there are 15 hours of lessons per week, with classes of maximum 15 students.


A unique opportunity to learn and have fun in company! 

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We teach 5 levels of English (CEFR A1-C1) and you will be presented with a level test upon your arrival. We want to make sure you are in the best class for your level.

  • You will receive a workbook for your English language courses

  • You will practice speaking, reading, listening and writing through interactive group work and couple work

  • You will build your vocabulary and practice your "use of English" using

  • your workbook, games and class projects.

  • you will learn in a multimedia and modern environment.

  • Where possible, our lessons will take place "in the real world" outside the classroom. This will help build your confidence with everyday functional language and learn about UK culture.

Wellness and Protection

We have a rigorous selection procedure for recruiting personnel, carefully seeking qualified personnel with relevant experience

Benessere e tutela

We want you to be very safe and enjoy your visit to the UK.
From pre-arrival to departure, your safety and happiness are our top priority.


Pre-arrival: the student manual

Students are sent a student handbook (also available on our website). They will have all the information they need about their campus, their staff, what they should bring and some useful information about UK culture.


Arrival: campus tour

  • All students in our residential programs are supervised by our staff.

  • During the day, students take part in supervised school classes, activities and excursions.

  • During the evening, students will also have a supervised activity program.

  • All individual students on our residential courses will have an individual staff member (person by name) who will ensure that students are making friends and that all their needs are looked after throughout their stay.

  • There is a student assistance coordinator on each campus. This person will be friendly and trained to help all of our students. They will verify that they are happy, healthy and safe.


All students will have emergency assistance available on campus 24 hours a day.

Excursions and activities

We have a comprehensive program of excursions and activities for you to enjoy learning English in a participatory way. You will enjoy full day or half day excursions to places of natural beauty and interest. You will also have the opportunity to go for walks and visits to explore local areas and attractions.


Excursions and activities program for young students.


Pre-arrival: the student manual

The staff at St. Andrew's College will guide you on excursions to entertain you and learn about the history, culture and customs of the places you visit.

The student diary will give you more information about your excursions and will help you with new language.

Trips and excursions offer you great opportunities ...

... You will live the language and you will love the language!


We offer full board accommodation on all of our campuses and can cater to any dietary requirement.

Gli Alloggi

You can choose between different accommodations, a single or double room with two single beds with private bathroom depending on the center. 

You can choose to be involved in our daytime activities whatever your interests; volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, tennis, badminton, rugby, rounders, theater, musical theater, Zumba, there are laundry services available in all of our centers. 

The campuses have excellent facilities including a computer room and wi-fi access. The student lounges have pool tables, table tennis, PlayStation and Wiis. Students are free to enjoy the services in their spare time. There is also a cafe on campus.


  • Personal Room Key ...

  • Linen and towels

  • Laundry services

  • Cleaning

  • A hard copy of the St. Andrew's College Student Manual

  • Residential staff  available from St. Andrew's College

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