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Learn without forgetting


Using the Expemo app accelerates language learning and helps you remember what you have learned even after many years.



Use Expemo to repeat new words and phrases.  


You can repeat the material from classroom lessons or from the phrasebook to learn new vocabulary.


Use Expemo directly  on your smartphone or tablet or access via the web app from your browser.

Click on the icons according to your operating system below. 



Start my review

Click on the ' Start my review ' button and search for something to study  by choosing one of the options: -

'Add packages' ,

'Add lesson code' or

'Add Phrasebook'


Answer one 

A page with a question or task will appear in Expemo. Try to bring to mind the correct resolution. Then click on  ' Show Answer '  to bring up the correct answer. 


Give yourself a

Give yourself an honest vote.
Bad  | I know  | Good
If you click on ' Bad ', don't worry - you will review the same flashcard again after a few questions, giving you another chance to answer correctly.


Continue yours

Click on ' Next  Flashcard 'to see the next question.
Each flashcard will be shown again in the future. The more difficult the flashcard, the more it will be shown, especially at first, but soon they will become much easier for you.

How does it work

Expemo uses an interval repetition system powered by a latest generation algorithm that programs flashcards for future review. The more difficult flashcards are repeated more frequently than the easier ones which decrease in frequency over time. With each optimized repeat, the percentage of material stored increases. The best results can be obtained with short but regular repetition sessions for around 1000 flashcards.

The memorization process is further enhanced by the design of the flashcards which incorporates audiovisual elements to enhance the learning experience and create stronger memories.

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