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Transform Your School with Innovative Solutions from Cally

Welcome to Caledonian School of English, your one-stop solution for all educational consultancy services for private and public schools in Italy. We specialize in providing innovative and fun learning experiences to students, while also taking the heavy workload out of running schools or courses. 

With the latest innovative technologies and methodologies we can manage all or part of the educational aspect of your school and bring your school into the digital age.

Empower Your School with Comprehensive Educational Management Services

Caledonian School of English offers comprehensive General Educational Management services, including developing and implementing academic philosophy, advising on academic issues, creating study programs, updating staff on education developments, and fostering relationships with other organizations for school improvement.

Empowering Educators: Comprehensive Personnel Management Services for Your School's Success

We provide comprehensive personnel management services, including monitoring teacher performance and serving as the primary point of contact for teachers needing support or advice. We also take responsibility for organizing and facilitating teacher professional development, and assist with teacher interviews and staff selection. Our goal is to ensure that your school has the best possible team in place to support your students' educational success.

Revolutionize Learning with Our Web & Virtual Classroom Services

Our web services provide a comprehensive online platform for our clients, with a customized website or web page dedicated to their school that includes a range of integrated services. In addition, our clients can take advantage of a reserved area exclusively for students, where they can easily access and download all the materials relevant to their course in printable form. Our virtual classroom offers a secure online learning environment that can be customized to our clients' unique requirements. It includes a wealth of supplementary listening, reading, writing, and speaking practice, as well as exam preparation materials, quizzes, and regular announcements about the course. Furthermore, students have access to dedicated social media groups where they can practice speaking with teachers and peers in English. Our web services and virtual classroom ensure that our clients have access to all the resources they need, both on and offline, to support their educational goals.

Hassle-free International Exam Management

Our comprehensive range of services includes managing international exams both on-site and off-site. We organize and supervise exam sessions, ensuring that all procedures are carried out correctly and regularly. We also collaborate with other institutes when necessary to host off-site sessions. In addition, we assist administrators with candidate admission policies and monitor and supervise all evaluation procedures to ensure fairness and accuracy. Our goal is to make the exam experience as stress-free and successful as possible for both candidates and administrators.

Streamlined Scheduling and Calendar Management for Your School

Our scheduling and calendar services provide efficient and effective management of your school's time. We will work with you to schedule the basic structure of weekly schedules and annual calendars, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We will also manage and update schedules and calendars to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information. Additionally, we will assume responsibility, in consultation with the administrators, for assigning roles and shifts for teachers, so you don't have to worry about the logistics of organizing staff schedules. With our expertise in scheduling and calendar management, you can focus on other important aspects of running your school.

Enhancing Your Education: Additional Services from Caledonian School of English

At Caledonian School of English, we also offer a variety of additional services to enhance your educational experience. We provide hourly teaching services, as well as verification and remedial lessons, to ensure that all students have the opportunity to excel. Our preparation courses for international exams can be taken on-site or online via webinars, and we also offer on-site or online company or specialist courses via webinars. Our team can also assist in the interlocution and supervision of international exam sessions and organize and supervise study trips for students. Additionally, we provide translation and interpreting services to facilitate communication across different languages.

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Prof. David MacFarlane

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Thank you for considering Caledonian School of English for your educational consultancy needs. We are committed to providing exceptional services that are tailored to your specific requirements. With our expertise and dedication, we are confident that we can help you achieve your educational goals and bring your school into the digital age. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in providing innovative and effective learning experiences for your students.

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