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Business Graphs
Top manager office


1.1 Workplace culture 

  • Video: A culture of equal pay

  • Vocabulary: Elements of corporate culture

  • Pronunciation: tress in compound nouns

  • Project: Company policy


1.2 Employee retention

  • Reading:  Work-life balance schemes

  • Grammar: Future Continuous and Future Perfect Simple

  • Pronunciation:  Auxiliary verb

  • Speaking: How do you see yourself in the future?


1.3 Communication skills: Building relationships

  • Listening: Building relationships

  • Functional language: Building trust

  • Task: Choosing a candidate

1.4 Business skills: Presenting yourself

  • Listening: Presenting yourself to a new project team

  • Functional language: Self-presentation

  • Task: Presenting yourself to international colleagues


1.5 Writing: A company news blog

  • Model text: A company news blog

  • Functional language: Structuring a company news blog

  • Grammar:  Phrases with be 

  • Task: Write a blog

Business workshop 1: Keeping the workforce happy

  • Listening: Employee suggestions for improvements

  • Reading: Analysing a survey 

  • Task: Brainstorm ways to improve staff retention

  • Writing: A proposa confirming your ideas

Crane lifting on construction site
Training course


2.1 Learning on the job

  • Video:   Types of training

  • Pronunciation: Stressing key words in sentences

  • Vocabulary: y: Training and development

  • Project: Induction to a new job

2.2 Human resource strategies

  • Listening: Strategy for training and development across a whole company

  • Grammar: Modals in the passive voice

  • Speaking: Agreeing action points

  • Writing: A memo outlining action points

2.3 Communication skills: Team communication

  • Video:   Team communication

  • Functional language: Exchanging ideas

  • Task: Organising a team-building event

2.4 Business skills: Facilitating a meeting

  • Listening: Possible changes to learning management

  • Pronunciation: Linking between words

  • Functional language: Leaving a voicemail message

  • Task: Facilitating a discussion to come to an agreement

2.5 Writing: A training request

  • Model text: Email with a request for training

  • Functional language: Requests and reasons

  • Grammar: Linking words for reason and purpose

  • Task: Write an email requesting a course

Business workshop 2: Quality service for al

  • Listening: Regional HR Directors discussing training issues

  • Reading: Analysis of Regional Directors’ reports

  • Task: Create and present an online course

Graphic Shapes
Stock Exchange


3.1 Recessions and depressions

  • Video: Past crashes and crises

  • Vocabulary: Finance and economic crises

  • Project: Research the history of a bank or financial institution

3.2 Catching up with rivals

  • Reading: Reading: Adidas raises targets

  • Grammar: Expressing certainty and probability; Position of adverbs and adverbial phrases

  • Speaking: Discussing future changes

3.3 Communication skills: Managing bad news

  • Video:  Managing bad news

  • Functional language: Responding to bad news

  • Pronunciation: The letter ‘t’

  • Task: Balancing positives with negatives when giving bad news

3.4 Business skills: Telephoning to clarify

  • Listening: A phone conversation to check details

  • Pronunciation: Strong and weak forms of that

  • Functional language: Asking for clarification and paraphrasing

  • Task: Making a call to clarify information in a financial document

3.5 Writing: Annual report summary

  • Model text: Summary of an annual report

  • Functional language: Useful phrases for annual report summaries

  • Grammar: Articles – a/an, the, no article

  • Task: Write an annual report summary for shareholders

Business workshop 3: Investment opportunities

  • Listening: Managers’ meeting and a guide to VC investment

  • Reading: Describing and analysing graphs

  • Task: Presenting a company that is worth investing in

  • Writing: A report explaining your investment decision

Male employee smiling in a server room
Earth Projection


4.1 Digital disruptors

  • Video:  A disruptive marketing start-up

  • Vocabulary: Digital business and technology

  • Pronunciation:  Stress in word building

  • Project: Disruptive technology

4.2 Talking technology 

  • Listening: Product presentations at a trade show

  • Grammar: Zero, first and second conditionals; Linkers

  • Speaking: Trade show demonstration of an app

  • Writing: Instructions for the app

4.3 Communication skills: Handling difficult communicators

  • Video:  Handling difficult communicators

  • Functional language: Keeping a meeting on track

  • Task: Managing a difficult meeting successfully

4.4 Business skills: Negotiating strategies

  • Listening: Positional and principled negotiation

  • Functional language: Reaching agreement in  a negotiation

  • Pronunciation: Stress in phrases

  • Task: Negotiating an agreement at work

4.5 Writing: Short business proposal

  • Model text: Short business proposal

  • Functional language: Useful phrases for business proposals

  • Grammar: Noun phrases to replace verb phrases

  • Task: Write a short proposal

Business workshop 4: Rise of the robots

  • Reading: Robots in the workplace

  • Listening: Incidents with robots at an exhibition

  • Task: Analyse feedback statistics and discuss future improvements

  • Writing: A report analysing feedback and giving recommendations

Bar Chart
Reach the Top


5.1 Performance and rewards

  • Video: The cyber manager

  • Vocabulary: Rewarding performance

  • Project: Moving up in the company

5.2 A culture of rewards

  • Reading: How to develop a rewarding culture

  • Grammar: Linking words and concessive clauses

  • Pronunciation: Intonation and linking words

  • Speaking: Concessions and compromises in your own life

5.3 Communication skills: Managing challenging feedback

  • Video:  Managing challenging feedback

  • Functional language: Responding to challenging feedback

  • Pronunciation: Intonation when handling challenging feedback

  • Task: Responding to feedback

5.4 Business skills: Reviewing projects

  • Listening: A project review meeting

  • Functional language: Leading and participating in review meetings

  • Task: A performance development workshop

5.5 Writing: Performance review summary

  • Model text: Performance review summary

  • Functional language: Positive comments and constructive criticism

  • Grammar: Phrasal verbs

  • Task: Write a performance review summary

Business workshop 5: Changing expectations

  • Listening: A meeting to find new ways of rewarding performance

  • Task: Negotiating for change in rewards/ benefits

  • Speaking: How the negotiations went



6.1 Ethical choices

  • Video: Ethics in the fashion industry

  • Vocabulary: Business ethics

  • Project: Survey – How ethical are your clothes?

6.2 The triple bottom line

  • Listening: The triple bottom line

  • Grammar: Third conditional

  • Pronunciation: Contractions and weak forms in third conditionals

  • Speaking: Discuss an organisation’s ethical performance

6.3 Communication skills: Transparency in business

  • Video: Transparency in business

  • Functional language: Voicing and responding to concerns

  • Task: Voicing and responding to concerns with a colleague

6.4 Business skills: Sales and selling

  • Listening: A local networking event

  • Functional language: Selling a product or service

  • Task: Promoting a product or service

6.5 Writing: Company newsletter

  • Model text: Company newsletter

  • Functional language: Recent news, current news and future plans

  • Grammar: Linking words for causes and results

  • Pronunciation: Chunking, pausing and stress when reading aloud

  • Task: Write a newsletter

Business workshop 6: AFhomes, Tanzania 

  • Reading:  Articles on the ethics of AFhomes

  • Listening: A radio investigative programme

  • Task: An action plan to maintain ethical reputation

Graphic Shapes
Pocket Watch in Hand



7.1 Managing time

  • Video: Time management

  • Vocabulary: Managing time

  • Project: The working from home debate

7.2 Smart work

  • Reading: Cutting overtime in Japan

  • Grammar:  Adverbials and time expressions

  • Pronunciation: Stress in adverbials and time expressions 

  • Speaking: Are you good at managing time?

7.3 Communication skills: Dealing with urgency

  • Video:  Dealing with matters of urgency

  • Functional language: Discussing priorities

  • Task: Following up on emails

7.4 Business skills: Difficult negotiations

  • Listening: A difficult meeting

  • Functional language: Dealing with difficulties in negotiations

  • Pronunciation: Intonation when negotiating

  • Task: Dealing with difficult people at work

7.5 Writing: An email giving reasons

  • Model text: An email giving reasons

  • Functional language: Problem, reasons and required action

  • Grammar: Prepositions of time

  • Task: Write an email giving reasons

Business workshop 7: Planning for a trade fair

  • Listening:  Details of an upcoming trade fair

  • Task: Create a plan to exhibit at a trade fair

  • Listening: A summary of successful participation in a trade fair

Serious Conversation
Communication Tower


8.1 Change at Brompton Bikes

  • Video: Brompton Bikes

  • Vocabulary: Change management

  • Project: Adaptability quiz

8.2 Managing change 

  • Listening: Difficult decisions and changes

  • Grammar:  Reported speech and reporting verbs

  • Pronunciation: /s/, /z/, /ʃ/, /tʃ/ and /dʒ/

  • Speaking and writing: Telling and reporting a story

8.3 Communication skills: Coaching and mentoring

  • Video:  Discussing future options

  • Functional language: Coaching and mentoring

  • Task: The GROW model

8.4 Business skills: Brainstorming

  • Listening: brainstorming meeting

  • Functional language: Leading a brainstorming session

  • Task: Brainstorming in small groups

8.5 Writing: Press release

  • Model text: A press release

  • Functional language: Useful phrases for a press release

  • Grammar: Passive voice with reporting verbs

  • Task: Write a press release

Business workshop 8: Chillhot Sauces, Malaysia

  • Reading:  A change at Michelin

  • Reading and listening: Rumours about a company

  • Task: Putting a stop to rumours

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