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Asian career coach


1.1 Transferable skills 

  • Video: Transferable skills

  • Vocabulary: Transferable skills

  • Pronunciation: Word stress 

  • Project: Writing a job description


1.2 Careers advice

  • listening:  Careers advice programme

  • Grammar: Advice and suggestions

  • Pronunciation:  Voice range 

  • Speaking: Advising how to improve an online profile


1.3 Communication skills: Building rapport

  • Listening:   Advice on networking

  • Functional language: Networking at a careers event

  • Task: Meeting a recruiter at a careers event

1.4 Business skills: Networking

  • Listening: Advice on networking

  • Functional language: Networking at a careers event

  • Task: Meeting a recruiter at a careers event


1.5 Writing: Emails – Introducing yourself

  • Model text: Email introducing yourself

  • Functional language: Formal and informal language

  • Grammar:  Adverbs of degree 

  • Task: Write an introduction email

Business workshop 1: Global recruitment agency

  • Listening: Initial job interviews

  • Reading: Job listing

  • Task: Discuss job candidates

Crane lifting on construction site
Industrial Smoke


2.1 Japan’s economy

  • Video:   Japan’s economy

  • Vocabulary: Sectors and industries

  • Project: Research sectors and industries

2.2 The energy industry

  • Pronunciation: Stress in compound nouns and noun phrases

  • Reading: Big oil: From black to green

  • Grammar: Past Simple and Past Continuous

  • Writing: A short story

2.3 Communication skills: Dealing with interruptions

  • Video:   Induction meeting

  • Functional language: Interrupting and dealing with interruptions

  • Pronunciation: Stress in phrases for turn taking

  • Task: Discussion during a meeting

2.4 Business skills: Voicemail messages

  • Listening: Four voicemail messages

  • Functional language: Leaving a voicemail message

  • Task: Leave a voicemail message

2.5 Writing: Emails – Action points

  • Model text: Email with action points

  • Functional language: Action points

  • Grammar: will and going to

  • Task: Email with action points

Business workshop 2: Investing your money

  • Listening: Investing

  • Speaking: Investor’s checklist

  • Task: Choose a company to invest in

Graphic Shapes
Visual Project


3.1 Project management

  • Video: Project management

  • Vocabulary: Managing projects; word building

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about the past (1)

  • Pronunciation: Stress in derived words

  • Project: A project debriefing and lessons learnt

3.2 Large-scale projects

  • Listening:  Three canals

  • Grammar: Comparatives and superlatives
    Pronunciation: Weak forms in comparisons

  • Speaking: Choosing the winning bid

3.3 Communication skills: Giving instructions

  • Video:   Resolving a problem with a schedule change

  • Functional language: ing and responding to instructions, standing your ground

  • Task: Giving and responding to instructions

3.4 Business skills: Meetings: Updates and action

  • Listening: A stand-up meeting

  • Functional language: Asking for and giving updates

  • Task: An update meeting

3.5 Writing: Email requesting an update

  • Model text: Email requesting an update

  • Functional language: Asking for information

  • Grammar: (not) enough

  • Task: Email requesting an update

Business workshop 3: The grand opening

  • Listening: Understanding project priorities

  • Reading: Analysing follow-up emails

  • Task: Hold a project meeting

Stock Exchange
Earth Projection


4.1 One size fits all

  • Video:  Global markets

  • Vocabulary: Global markets: adjective and noun collocations; word building

  • Project: Adapt a product to a new market

4.2 Online markets

  • Reading: Who wants to be a sofapreneur?

  • Grammar: resent Simple and Past Simple passive

  • Writing: A product description

4.3 Communication skills: Managing conversations

  • Video:  Managing conversations

  • Functional language: Changing the subject and staying on track

  • Pronunciation: Pronunciation of -(e)s endings

  • Task: A conversation between a client and a supplier

4.4 Business skills: Building consensus

  • Listening: A meeting to build consensus

  • Functional language: Reaching agreement

  • Pronunciation: Consonant–vowel linking between words 

  • Task: A discussion to reach agreement

4.5 Writing: Letter confirming an order

  • Model text: Letter confirming an order

  • Functional language: Confirming order details

  • Grammar: Verbs + prepositions

  • Task: Write an order confirmation letter

Business workshop 4: Hand-made

  • Listening: Key factors for global business

  • Speaking: Doing market research 

  • Task: Choose a strategy  to go global

Robot hand
Robotics Engineers


5.1 Innovative product design

  • Video: Eatsa

  • Vocabulary: Technological innovation; Describing innovative products

  • Pronunciation: Numbers of syllables in words

  • Project: Innovation in business

5.2 Product testing

  • Reading: A dream job in product development

  • Grammar: Present Perfect Simple with just, already and yet

  • Pronunciation:  Contrastive stress

  • Speaking: A typical day at work

5.3 Communication skills: Managing information

  • Video:  Managing information

  • Functional language: Asking open and closed questions

  • Task: Getting feedback on presentation skills

5.4 Business skills: Letter confirming an order

  • Listening: Two sales presentations

  • Functional language: Describing features and benefits

  • Task: Present a product

5.5 Writing: Product review

  • Model text: Product review

  • Functional language: Language of reviews

  • Grammar: Order of adjectives before nouns

  • Task: Write a review

Business workshop 5: Smart fabric 

  • Reading and Listening: Market research

  • Task: Choose a product to develop

Safety Wear


6.1 Safety at work

  • Video: Health and safety at a company

  • Vocabulary: Health and safety

  • Project: Accident questionnaire

6.2 A problem with an order

  • Listening: Security measures in the workplace 

  • Grammar: Modal verbs of prohibition, obligation and no obligation

  • Pronunciation: Phrasing and pausing

  • Writing: Email about new security measures

6.3 Communication skills: Dealing with disagreement

  • Video:  Dealing with disagreement

  • Functional language: Explaining rules and requirements

  • Task: Convincing someone of your arguments

6.4 Business skills: Dealing with conflict

  • Listening: Discussion about a problem at work

  • Functional language: Resolving a conflict

  • Pronunciation: Stress in phrases

  • Task: Resolving a conflict

6.5 Writing: Instructions and warnings

  • Model text: Instructions on using equipment

  • Functional language: Instructions and warnings

  • Grammar: Linking words for time

  • Task: Guidelines for company staff

Business workshop 5: Visitor safety

  • Reading:  Safety and security

  • Listening: Risk assessment

  • Task: Prepare a visitor safety and security report

Graphic Shapes
Call Center Employee



7.1 Airline customer service

  • Video: Customer service in the airline industry

  • Vocabulary: Customer service

  • Project: Design a premium service

7.2 Hanging on the telephone

  • Listening: Complaint about a service

  • Grammar:  Verb + to-infinitive or -ing

  • Pronunciation: Unstressed syllables at the end of a sentence

  • Writing: A complaint on a company forum

7.3 Communication skills: Responding to customer concerns

  • Video:  Solving customer problems

  • Functional language: Responding to customer concerns

  • Task: Deal with customer complaints

7.4 Business skills: Generating and presenting ideas

  • Listening: Training day on customer service

  • Functional language: Discussing and presenting ideas

  • Pronunciation: Introducing a topic

  • Task: Generate and present ideas

7.5 Writing: External ‘thank you’ email

  • Model text: A ‘thank you’ email

  • Functional language: Opening, giving details and closing a ‘thank you’

  • Grammar: some (of), any, all (of), most (of), no, none (of)

  • Task: A ‘thank you’ email

Business workshop 7: Red Cushion Furniture

  • Reading:  Customer complaints

  • Listening: Dealing with angry customers

  • Task: Turn failure into success

Support Group
Communication Tower


8.1 Face to face?

  • Video: mproving communication in the workplace

  • Vocabulary: Digital communication

  • Project: Communication survey

8.2 How to communicate

  • Reading: Three tips for effective workplace communication

  • Grammar:  First and second conditional

  • Pronunciation: Conditional sentences

  • Speaking: Solutions to communication problems

8.3 Communication skills: Closing a deal

  • Video:  Closing a deal

  • Functional language: Closing a deal

  • Task: Trying to close a deal

8.4 Business skills: Talking about priorities

  • Listening: Setting priorities

  • Functional language: Talking about priorities

  • Task: Prioritising

8.5 Writing: Short report

  • Model text: A short report

  • Functional language: Introduction, findings and recommendations

  • Grammar: Past Perfect Simple

  • Pronunciation: Contractions in speech

  • Task: Write a short report

Business workshop 8: Global communication

  • Reading:  Email exchanges about a problem

  • Listening: Communication problems

  • Task: Recommend ways to improve communication

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