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Business Graphs
Handyman at Work


1.1  Daily tasks

  • Vocabulary: Jobs and tasks

  • Pronunciation: The -s ending

  • Communicative grammar: Facts and routines

  • VideoWorking day

  • Task: Introducing yourself and talking about your job and routine


1.2  A work plan

  • Vocabulary: Work tasks and activities

  • Reading and listening: Scheduling meetings

  • Writing: An email to schedule a meeting


1.3  A survey

  • Reading: An employee survey

  • Communicative grammar: Questions

  • Pronunciation: Questions

  • Writing: A survey about facilities in the workplace


1.4 Work skills: Talking about people and roles

  • Video: What do you do?

  • Speaking: : Talking about people and roles


1.5 Business workshop: We want to meet you …

  • Reading: A webpage; an email

  • Speaking: : Arranging to meet; an interview about your job; talking about your company and travel

Taking Notes
Business Video Call


2.1 Orders and deliveries

  • Vocabulary: Orders and deliveries

  • Communicative grammar: Things you can and can’t count

  • Video: The Good Eating Company

  • Task: Asking and answering questions about quantities


2.2 Placing orders on the phone

  • Listening: An order by phone

  • Vocabulary: : An order by phone

  • Pronunciation:  /iː/, /ɪ/ and /aɪ/

  • Grammar: can/can’t

  • Speaking: Placing an order


2.3 Email enquiries

  • Reading: : Frequently Asked Questions

  • Communicative grammar: Saying something exists

  • Pronunciation: /tʃ/ and /dʒ/

  • Writing: A response to an email enquiry


2.4 Work skills: Making agreements

  • Video: Agreeing contract details

  • Speaking: Making agreements


2.5  Business workshop: Planning a work party

  • Reading: : Information from a catering company

  • Speaking: Comparing information about an order

  • Writing: reply to an order enquiry

Graphic Shapes


3.1 A company’s story

  • Vocabulary: A company’s story

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about the past (1)

  • Pronunciation: The -ed ending

  • Task: Asking and answering questions about quantities


3.2 New office

  • Vocabulary: Email phrases

  • Grammar: Giving instructions

  • Reading: An email about meeting room rules

  • Listening: A conversation about an office move

  • Writing: An email giving instructions


3.3 Company performance

  • Reading: Past successes and challenges

  • Pronunciation: /ɜː/ and /ɔː/

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about the past (2)

  • Writing: An email describing successes and challenges


3.4 Work skills: How did it go?

  • Video: How did the project go?

  • Speaking: Talking about projects


3.5 Business workshop: Our first year

  • Reading: A timeline about a new company

  • Writing: Preparing for a move

  • Speaking: Asking questions about a new company; discussing a project

Solving Math Problem
Businesswoman with suitcase waiting in airport
Front of Aircraft


4.1 I’m flying to Tokyo tomorrow

  • Vocabulary: Travel arrangements

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about arrangements

  • Pronunciation: /ŋ/, /ŋk/ and /n/. The -ing ending

  • Video: Away on business

  • Task: Arranging a time to meet

4.2 The 12.05 is delayed

  • Vocabulary: Airports and train stations

  • Reading and listening: Dealing with delays

  • Grammar: will/won’t

  • Writing: Writing a text message about an announcement

4.3 An update email

  • Reading: Emails to a project manager

  • Communicative grammar: Things happening now

  • Writing: An update email

4.4  Work skills: Setting up a video call

  • Video: Technical problems

  • Grammar: Making suggestions

  • Speaking: Problems with teleconferencing

  • Pronunciation: /ɪə/ and /eə/

4.5 Business workshop: A business trip

  • Reading: Travel arrangements

  • Listening: A change in plans

  • Speaking: Arranging a meeting

  • Writing: Text messages giving updates

White office organization
Trade Show


5.1  Trade shows and exhibitions

  • Vocabulary: Organising an exhibition

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about intentions

  • Pronunciation: /æ/, /e/ and /eɪ/ 

  • Video: Graduate Fashion Week

  • Task: Talking abut plans for a trade fair

5.2 Phoning about a conference

  • Vocabulary: Leaving a message

  • Listening: Organising a conference

  • Speaking: Taking and leaving phone messages


5.3 Invitations

  • Reading: : Messages about an invitation

  • Communicative grammar: Invitations with would and want

  • Pronunciation: /θ/ and /ð/ vs. /s/, /z/, /f/, /v/, /t/, /d/

  • Writing: Informal messages of invitation


5.4  Work skills: Socialising with clients

  • Video: What do you think of the trade fair?

  • Speaking: Socialising with clients


5.5  Business workshop: The conference

  • Speaking: Phoning to compare conference details

  • Writing: An email about a conference

  • Speaking: Making conversation at a conference dinner

Moving Truck
Factory Worker


6.1 Future products

  • Vocabulary: Technology and the environment

  • Communicative grammar: Speculating about the future

  • Video: Industry futures

  • Task: Talking about the future

6.2 A problem with an order

  • Listening: A problem with an order

  • Vocabulary: Helping with a problem Pronunciation: /ɑː/ and /ʌ/

  • Speaking: Phoning and answering as customer services

6.3 The production process

  • Reading: Environment and ethics

  • Communicative grammar: Describing production

  • Pronunciation: /uː/ and /ʊ/

  • Writing: A description for a company website

6.4 Work skills: Placing an order

  • Video: How many do you want to order?

  • Speaking: Placing an order


6.5 Business workshop: Buy natural

  • Reading: : A company website about ethical products

  • Speaking: Placing an order; making a complaint about an order

Graphic Shapes
Runners Taking Off


7.1 Should I upgrade?

  • Vocabulary: Product qualities

  • Listening: Talking about using a product

  • Communicative grammar: Comparing (1): comparatives

  • Video: Comparing sports cars

  • Task: Comparing two models

7.2  Services

  • Vocabulary: Fees

  • Pronunciation: /əʊ/ and /aʊ/

  • Listening: Comparing recruitment agencies

  • Writing: An advertisment for services

7.3 The best providers

  • Reading: An email comparing services

  • Communicative grammar: Comparing (2): superlatives

  • Pronunciation: /p/, /b/, /f/ and /v/

  • Writing: An email summarising survey results


7.4 Work skills: Presentations

  • Video: Our products and services

  • Speaking: Presenting


7.5 Business workshop: The big contract

  • Reading: An email about a trade show

  • Speaking: Giving presentations

  • Writing: A summary email giving a recommendation

Job Interview
Curriculum Vitae


8.1 Work experience

  • Vocabulary: Skills and personal qualities

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about experience

  • Video: Skills and experience

  • Task: Asking and answering interview questions

8.2 The best person for the job

  • Vocabulary: Job requirements

  • Listening: Choosing job candidates

  • Pronunciation: The vowel /ɒ/. The letter ‘o’ as /ɒ/, /əʊ/ and /ʌ/

  • Speaking: Describing and comparing candidates

8.3 Professional profiles

  • Reading: A professional profile

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about experiences and completed past events

  • Pronunciation: Silent letters

  • Writing: An employee profile

8.4 Work skills: A job interview

  • Video: The job interview

  • Speaking: Job interviews

8.5 Business workshop: The interviewer and the candidate

  • Speaking: Interview questions; choosing the best candidate for the job

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