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Business Graphs
Business Meeting


1.1  Nice to meet you

  • Video: What's your name?

  • Vocabulary: Countries and nationalities

  • Communicative grammar: Introductions

  • Task: Meeting others and making introductions


1.2  Can you fill this in, please?

  • Vocabulary: Personal details

  • Pronunciation: The alphabet

  • Reading and listening: Filling in forms

  • Grammar: my, your, his, her, its, our, their

  • Speaking: Completing a new employee registration form


1.3  My company

  • Listening and reading: Buildings, departments and facilities

  • Communicative grammar: Describing your company

  • Pronunciation: Plural -s

  • Writing: A description of a company or workplace


1.4 Work skills: Welcoming a visitor

  • Video: Welcoming a visitor

  • Speaking: Workplace visits


1.5 Business workshop: Your first day

  • Speaking: Meeting human resources and other team members

  • Writing: Completing your employee profile​

Taking Notes
Man Working at Desk


2.1  What do you do?

  • Video:  I work in Sales Vocabulary: The work we do

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about work

  • Task: Where I work and what I do


2.2  What does the company do?

  • Vocabulary: What companies do

  • Pronunciation:  Numbers

  • Reading and listening: Company information

  • Grammar: a/an

  • Writing: Describing a company


2.3 A week in the life

  • Reading: Two different routines

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about routines

  • Pronunciation: Questions

  • Writing: A short blog post for a company intranet


2.4 Work skills: Small talk

  • Video: Small talk at work

  • Grammar: Using 's and s'

  • Speaking: Making conversation


2.5  Business workshop: At a conference

  • Reading: A conference website

  • Listening: Smalltalk at a conference

  • Speaking: Networking

Graphic Shapes
Pharmacist Assisting Customer


3.1 We're very busy in December

  • Video: I can work flexible hours

  • Vocabulary: Months and seasons

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about ability and possibility; at, in, on, from... to...

  • Pronunciation: can and can't

  • Task: Asking and talking about your partner's work

3.2 Requests

  • Vocabulary: Ordinal numbers and dates

  • Pronunciation: Ordinal numbers

  • Reading and listening: Can I have some time off?

  • Grammar: L Can … ?/ Could … ?

  • Speaking: Talking about taking time of

3.3  I am writing to complain...

  • Reading: Complaints

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about the past

  • Writing: An email to describe a problem and request action


3.4 Work skills: We have a problem

  • Video: A progress meeting

  • Speaking: A progress meeting


3.5 Business workshop: A problem with a client

  • Reading: A customer complaint

  • Speaking: A problem-solving meeting; A phone call

Solving Math Problem
Cute Girl


4.1 What went wrong?

  • Video: Problems at work

  • Vocabulary: Past irregular verbs

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about the past: Past Simple

  • Pronunciation: The -ed ending

  • Task: Talking about problems in the past and how you solved them


4.2 How can I help?

  • Vocabulary: Solutions Listening: On the phone

  • Grammar: Making offers and promises with wilt

  • Speaking and writing: Making phone calls at work


4.3 We are sorry that...

  • Reading: An email of complaint and a reply

  • Communicative grammar: Using negatives in the past; Asking questions about the past

  • Pronunciation: 'th' as /0/ and/a/

  • Writing: A reply email


4.4  Work skills: Face-to-face complaints

  • Video: There is a problem with...

  • Speaking: Responding to a complaint


4.5 Business workshop: Can I help you?

  • Speaking: Making phone calls

  • Reading: An email of complaint

  • Writing: Replying to a complaint

White office organization
Coffee break


5.1  What are you working on?

  • Video: What are they doing?

  • Vocabulary: Word pairs

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about things happening now

  • Pronunciation: ing and the Present Continuous

  • Task: Writing about what people are doing now


5.2 Are you free at two?

  • Vocabulary: Word pairs

  • Listening: Organising meetings

  • Speaking: Arranging and postponing meetings


5.3 Can we meet to discuss... ?

  • Reading: Emails arranging, accepting or changing a meeting

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about future arrangements

  • Pronunciation: /i/ and /i:/

  • Writing: An email arranging a meeting


5.4  Work skills: Can I ask a favour?

  • Video: Can you help me? 

  • Speaking: Doing favours


5.5  Business workshop: The meeting is at 3 p.m.

  • Writing: An emailto arrange a meeting to discuss a problem

  • Speaking: Postponing a meeting

Moving Truck
Man Carrying a Box


6.1 It's cheaper and better

  • Video: An office move Vocabulary: Descriptions

  • Communicative grammar: Comparing two things

  • Pronunciation: The vowel/a/

  • Task: Choosing a warehouse


6.2 Which is better?

  • Vocabulary: Orders

  • Speaking and reading: Supplier quotes

  • Grammar: good - better - best/bad - worse - worst

  • Writing: Describing different options


6.3 Which is the best?

  • Reading: An email about changing a mobile phone contract

  • Communicative grammar: Making proposals with if

  • Pronunciation: /ae/ and /a/

  • Writing: An email comparing two offers


6.4 Work skills: As you can see on the slide,...

  • Video: A presentation about office equipment

  • Speaking: Talking about presentation slides


6.5 Business workshop: The office move

  • Reading: An email from the boss

  • Writing and speaking: Comparing two offices

  • Speaking: Presenting your choice

Graphic Shapes
Teamwork in the office


7.1 What's the procedure?

  • Video: Paying suppliers

  • Vocabulary: Describing a procedure

  • Communicative grammar: Talking about obligation

  • Task: Explaining a procedure


7.2  Workflow

  • Vocabulary: Descriptions

  • Reading and listening: A workflow problem

  • Pronunciation: /ai/ and /ei/

  • Speaking: Improving a workflow


7.3 A manual

  • Reading: A manual

  • Communicative grammar: Instructions

  • Pronunciation: /I/ and /r/

  • Writing: Instructions for creating an invoice


7.4 Work skills: Changing a workflow

  • Video: A new workflow

  • Speaking: Making and responding to suggestions


7.5 Business workshop: How can we improve it?

  • Reading: Identifying problems in a workflow

  • Speaking: Discussing solutions; Responsibilities in a new workflow

Working Together on Project


8.1 How long does it take?

  • Video: Making cars at The Morgan Motor Company

  • Vocabulary: Production

  • Communicative grammar: Revision of the present

  • Task: Explaining information on a database


8.2  Reducing costs

  • Vocabulary: Saving money

  • Reading: An online interview

  • Communicative grammar: Revision of the past

  • Pronunciation: Pronouncing the letter 'o'

  • Writing: Actions and results


8.3 Planning projects

  • Reading: Scope statements

  • Communicative grammar: Revision of the future

  • Pronunciation: The vowel Is:/

  • Writing: Scope statements

8.4 Work skills: Giving feedback

  • Video: Feedback in the office

  • Speaking: Giving feedbacK

8.5 Business workshop: Updates and feedback

  • Reading: A team update email

  • Writing: Replying to an update

  • Speaking: Giving feedback

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