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Speaking Part 4 - B1 - The Discussion

Aggiornamento: 4 mag 2022

Guided Test

Speaking Part 4: Strategy

In Part 4, the examiner leads a 3-way discussion with you and your partner about a topic for about three minutes.

The topic is the same as the collaborative task in part 3.

  • Respond appropriately and try to develop on the topics

  • Exchange information and opinions, (likes/dislikes, preferences, experiences, habits, etc.)

  • Express and justify opinions.

Part 4 is always a continuation of the topic in Part 3 so you will already be familiar with it.



  • It is important to show you are engaging in a discussion about the topic instead of just presenting your opinion.

  • If the question is directed to both candidates, you should prompt the other candidate for their opinion when you’ve given your opinion.

  • continue your partner’s ideas

  • show you are listening and interested in your partner’s ideas etc




Explaining/Asking for/Confirming opinions

  • I think that … because …

  • In my opinion it's …

  • What do you think?

  • Do you agree?

  • Are you sure?

  • What about you?

Asking about and expressing likes, dislikes and preferences

  • What do you like?

  • Do you like skiing?

  • I enjoy reading magazines that have articles about interesting people.

  • I'm interested in (sport/finding out about …)

  • I'm not very keen on …

  • My favourite band/kind of music is ... I like it because ...

  • I like/don't like playing computer games because ...

  • I'd rather live in the city than the country.

  • I like the mountains, but I prefer the beach.

  • If I could choose. I would live In a house by the sea.


Exam Task: practice in groups of three

Read the instructions before you begin.

Change roles and repeat activity.

Exam Task 2-3 minutes

  • What's your favourite hobby? (Why?)

  • Would you like to start a new hobby soon? (Why?/Why not?)

  • Do you usually prefer to do indoor or outdoor activities in your free time? (Why?)

  • Do you enjoy taking part in competitions? (Why?/Why not?)

  • Do you think it’s better to have lots of different hobbies or be very good at just one? (Why?)

SAMPLE: Back-up prompts

The examiner may ask you to respond to your partner’s answers, with questions like:

  • How/What about you?

  • Do you agree?

  • What do you think?


Exam Practice

Book a live mother tongue examiner to evaluate your Writing and Speaking from as little as €10.

Book a live mother tongue examiner for a speaking test simulation.

Or you can practice for free with a friend

  • One student reads out the instructions. Your partner should discuss the topic in as much detail as possible, using the questions given by the interlocutor.

  • The listening student should pay attention and identify one good thing and one weaker thing about how their partner organises their ideas.

  • The listening student should now give their feedback to their partner, being as positive or constructive as possible.

  • Then change roles – this time the speaking student should focus on their range of vocabulary.

  • Change partners and repeat activity.

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