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Exam Preparation Resources

Internal Resources

Maximize Your Learning with Our Custom Tools

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iPractice Platform: Our interactive online platform offers a range of exercises and simulations to reinforce your English skills and prepare you for the B2 FCE exam. Access it regularly for optimal study benefits.

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Pearson Practice English: Utilize the digital component of your course book for additional interactive content and exercises. Activate your access with the code found inside your book cover.

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Writing Booster: Sharpen your writing skills with focused tutorials and practice exercises available in our Writing Booster section. This tool is vital for improving your performance in exam writing tasks.

Both resources are tailored to support your exam preparation and are vital for mastering the skills needed for success. Regular use can significantly boost your understanding and confidence.

External Resources

Expand Your Preparation with Trusted External Tools

Cambridge English Resources:

Leverage a variety of free tools and materials provided by Cambridge English to bolster your exam preparation: 

Sample Papers:

Familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions you can expect in your exam by accessing free sample papers. These are invaluable for understanding exam structure and testing your knowledge under exam conditions. Explore sample papers here.

Write & Improve:

Practice and improve your writing skills with this free online tool. Choose a task, write or upload your text, and receive instant feedback to help you quickly enhance your abilities. Access it here.

Exam Lift App:

Learn English on the go and develop the skills you need for the B2 First exam with this mobile app. It provides exercises and immediate feedback to refine your performance. Download and start improving here.

Free Reading Practice:

Sign up to access free, short reading activities that you can complete on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Each activity is designed to fit into your schedule easily, helping you practice regularly. Begin your practice here.

These resources have been selected to support your learning journey and are highly recommended to complement your studies with us. Take advantage of them to maximize your exam readiness.
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