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UNIT 1 - Innovation

1.1 An innovative approach

  • Video: Innovation Director, Haiyan Zhang

  • Vocabulary: Innovation

  • Project: The impact of technology

1.2 How innovators think

  • Reading: Understanding what makes inventors tick

  • Grammar: Articles: a/an, the, no article

  • Writing: An intranet post on creativity


1.3 Communication skills: Pitching your ideas

  • Preparation: Pitching an idea for a magazine section

  • Roleplay: A pitch

  • Video: Pitching your ideas

1.4 Business skills: Engaging presentations

  • Listening: Presentation by a senior sales director

  • Useful language: Phrases for presenting

  • Task: Opening and closing a presentation


1.5 Writing: Investment research

  • Model text: Research report

  • Useful language: Topic sentences and cohesion

  • Grammar: Substitution of nouns and noun phrases

  • Task: Write a research report based on a SWOT analysis

Business workshop 1: Innovative thinking

  • Listening: A presentation about innovation

  • Speaking: Types of innovation

  • Useful language: Create a set of recommendations

  • Task: Create a set of recommendation

Crane lifting on construction site

UNIT 2 - Life cycle

2.1 A circular economy

  • Video:Take, make, dispose?

  • Vocabulary:Circular economies

  • Project:Replacing electronic devices

2.2 Product life cycles

  • Listening:Podcast – Manufacturing and the environment

  • Grammar: Additional passive structures

  • Speaking and writing:

  • Discussing and writing about a plan for waste management

2.3 Communication skills: Reformulating and clarifying

  • Preparation: Meeting to discuss an article

  • Roleplay:Discussion meeting about an article

  • Video:Reformulating and clarifying

2.4 Business skills: Effective meetings

  • Listening: Conference call to announce details of a new business partnership

  • Useful language: Communication principles

  • Task: Putting forward problems and proposals in a meeting

  • Spoken English: I do wonder really where it all ends up, I mean

2.5 Writing: Minutes of a meeting

  • Model text: Notes and full minutes of a meeting

  • Useful language:Language for writing minutes

  • Grammar: Ellipsis

  • Task:Use notes to write full minutes of a meeting

Business workshop 2: Achieving a circular economy

  • Listening: A symposium talk about implementing a circular economy

  • Reading: Reports on environmental initiatives

  • Task:Make an action plan

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Stock Exchange

UNIT 3 - Finance and investment

3.1 How traders work

  • Video: Trader Piers Curran

  • Vocabulary: Finance and investment

  • Project: Presentation on types of investments

3.2 Financial investments

  • Listening: Talks offering investment advice

  • Grammar: Expressing attitudes to the future

  • Writing: An email to discuss personal financial investment options

  • Spoken English: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

3.3 Communication skills: Challenging facts politely

  • Preparation: Discussing research for an article

  • Roleplay: Sharing research for a joint assignment

  • Video: Challenging facts politely

3.4 Business skills: Exploring options

  • Listening: Negotiation of an office lease

  • Useful language: Questions in negotiations

  • Task: Negotiating time involvement on a project

3.5 Writing: Budget report

  • Model text: Budget report

  • Useful language:Expressions for writing financial reports

  • Grammar: Modal verbs: possibility

  • Task:Write an executive summary of a budget report

Business workshop 3: Financial strategy

  • Reading: Options for making an opportunity feasible

  • Listening: A discussion evaluating financing options

  • Task:Pitch an idea

  • Writing:A request for financial support

Inside of a Spaceship

UNIT 4 - Disruptors

4.1 Disruptors in business

  • Video: Game-changers

  • Vocabulary: Disruptors and disruption; Collocations

  • Project:Products we rely on

  • Spoken English:My time is my own and I can take work or leave it

4.2 Disruptive innovation 

  • Reading: On the difficulty of defining disruption

  • Grammar: Hypothesising

  • Speaking and writing: Discussing and writing about the next big disruptor

4.3 Communication skills: Finding solutions

  • Preparation: Finding ways to increase the magazine’s revenue

  • Roleplay: Brainstorming

  • Video:Finding solutions

4.4 Business skills: Reporting and planning

  • Listening: Meeting about change management

  • Useful language: Expressions for discussing change

  • Task: Interviewing for a change management cons

4.5 Writing: Supply chain choices

  • Listening: Meeting about change management

  • Useful language: Expressions for discussing change

  • Task: Interviewing for a change management cons

Business workshop 4: Disruption – planning ahead

  • Listening: A radio programme about the development and use of autonomous vehicles

  • Speaking: Changes in transportation

  • Task: Present a choice

  • Writing: A handout for a presentation

Bar Chart
Happy Shopper

UNIT 5 - Customer engagement

5.1 Marketing strategies

  • Video: The psychology of shopping

  • Vocabulary:I nfluencing customer behaviour

  • Project: Planning a marketing campaign

5.2 Persuasion

  • Video: The psychology of shopping

  • Vocabulary: Influencing customer behaviour

  • Project: Planning a marketing campaign

5.3 Communication skills: Presenting research data

  • Preparation: Presenting and discussing research findings

  • Roleplay:A presentationVideo:Presenting research data

5.4 Business skills: Building relationships on trust

  • Preparation: Presenting and discussing research findings

  • Roleplay: A presentation

  • Video: Presenting research data

5.5 Writing: Advertising copy

  • Preparation: Presenting and discussing research findings

  • Roleplay: A presentation

  • Video: Presenting research data

Business workshop 5: The art of persuasion

  • Listening: A discussion about soft skills in the workplace

  • Reading: Skills needed in different companies

  • Task: Create a course


UNIT 6 - The business of tourism

6.1 The impact of tourism

  • Video: Iceland’s tourism boom

  • Vocabulary: Tourism and hospitality

  • Project: The tourist accommodation debate

6.2 Evolving tourism

  • Reading: Spanish tourism’s journey from mass market to luxury

  • Grammar: Review of past tenses and discourse markers

  • Writing: An article about the development of tourism in your country

6.3 Communication skills: Business networking

  • Preparation: Networking at a trade fair

  • Roleplay: Networking

  • Video: Business networking

6.4 Business skills: Exploring options

  • Listening: Conference presentation about environmental responsibility

  • Useful language: Storytelling

  • Task: Telling a story about a life lesson

  • Spoken English: Mate, stop it – ‘cause it’s annoying

6.5 Writing: Email to a business partner

  • Model text: Emails discussing trip arrangements

  • Useful language: Enquiring about and confirming travel arrangements

  • Grammar: If and alternatives

  • Task: Write emails to plan an international sales conference

Business workshop 6: Sustainable business travel 

  • Listening: A response to corporate image damage

  • Reading: An outline of preliminary findings

  • Task: Create a travel policy

  • Writing: An email summarising recommendations

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UNIT 7 - Managing conflict


7.1 Workplace clashes

  • Video: Issues at work

  • Vocabulary: Conflict in the workplace

  • Project: HR survey for managing conflict

  • Spoken English: Some people just don’t like change

7.2 The road to reconciliation

  • Listening: Meeting to resolve staff conflict

  • Grammar: Hedging and tentative language

  • Speaking: Defusing a workplace conflict

7.3 Communication skills: Giving support and guidance

  • Preparation: Giving guidance to a team member

  • Roleplay: An informal discussion about a colleague’s behaviour

  • Video: Giving support and guidance

7.4 Business skills: Mediating conflict

  • Listening: Conversations that deal with a conflict at work

  • Useful language: Phrases for workplace mediation

  • Task:Mediating between colleagues

7.5 Writing: Report on workplace conflict

  • Model text: HR report on a conflict

  • Useful language: Phrases for writing a report about a workplace conflict

  • Grammar: Prepositions and prepositional phrases

  • Task: Write a report to explain a decision

Business workshop 7: International team conflict

  • Reading and listening: Survey results on team collaboration

  • Reading: A blog post about culture and conflict

  • Task: Introduce a training programme

  • Writing: A blog post summarising a presentation

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UNIT 8 - Mindset

8.1 The entrepreneurial mindset

  • Video: Julie Deane and The Cambridge Satchel Company

  • Vocabulary: The growth mindset

  • Project: Setting a goal

  • Spoken English: Ah, some of us are just worker bees, you know

8.2 Mindsets

  • Listening: Interview with a professor of psychology

  • Grammar: Verb patterns

  • Speaking and writing: Discussing and writing about moving towards a growth mindset

8.3 Communication skills: Handling a performance review

  • Preparation: Holding a performance review

  • Roleplay: A performance review meeting

  • Video: Handling a performance review

8.4 Business skills: Action learning

  • Listening: Action learning meeting

  • Useful language: Expressions for effective action learning

  • Task: Solving a problem through action learning

8.5 Writing: Self-assessment

  • Model text: Self-assessment

  • Useful language: Language for a self-assessment

  • Grammar: Verb patterns

  • Task: Write a self-assessment

Business workshop 8: Encouraging personal growth

  • Listening: A discussion about employee retention

  • Speaking: ob satisfaction

  • Task: Choose a course

  • Writing: A proposal for management

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