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Work with us to prepare your students thoroughly for international exams and offer them maximum support for the continuation of their studies and/or career in Italy and/or in the world.


Our English courses aim to develop both oral and written skills,  life-skills and communication skills with the aim of integrating students into an increasingly global world. By the end of the course, students will acquire the skills necessary to broaden their educational and professional opportunities, and in addition, they will be prepared to take international exams.



Who we are and why collaborate with us

Who we are and why collaborate with us

Read on to find out all the benefits that your institution and students will get from collaborating with us.

  • Experience and Expertise

    Mother-tongue experts with over a decade of experience.

    We are Mr & Mrs David & Hanane MacFarlane. In addition to being nice, we are a couple of experienced native English teachers with decades of experience in the field of English teaching and international exams.
    We are freelancers and work under our Caledonian English brand and school.

    We have been collaborating for 10 years with state schools of all levels and we have worked as external mother-tongue experts in hundreds of state school projects for different types of courses: Preparation of International Certifications, CLIL, Global Citizenship, Conversation etc.

  • Internationally Recognised Exams

    Official examiners and interlocutors for the most important certification bodies.

    In addition to being accredited by various bodies, we have been and still are official examiners and interlocutors for various certification bodies: Pearson LCCI, Gatehouse, LanguageCert, City & Guilds, Cambridge, Trinity etc. therefore we know the exams in an intricate way to offer our students good advice and to guarantee them the best preparation.

    At Caledonian, as teachers and parents, we care a lot about taking care of our students and we take care of their objectives and their difficulties. It is our desire to offer everyone a high-quality teaching service at the lowest possible price.


    We are also authorised to host online exams. A new way of taking exams, providing the same qualifications and credentials as the exams taken at an accredited exam centre. To learn more about online exams you can follow the link: .

  • Value and flexibility

    On-site and / or online courses with excellent quality / price ratio

    In addition to managing traditional classroom-based projects in various schools, in recent years we have put our energies, skills and experience into online teaching to provide our students with high-quality courses that can be enjoyed comfortably from home, school and office and we can guarantee an excellent quality/price ratio. Click here to discover all the advantages of an online course.


    We want our specialist courses to be accessible to everyone and not only to those who can afford to attend private schools. The simplicity of our organisation managed by ourselves as directors/teachers, allows us to concentrate our resources on the quality of the courses, guaranteeing continuity, quality and value.


    All courses can be conducted in-house and/or online with the option of taking the international exam at your institution, at our office or other accredited and/or online partner office. Click here to find out about the benefits of online exams recognized by the ministry and internationally.

  • Made-to-measure

    Tailor-made courses and fees.

    The price of each course organised at your institution or online will be calculated exclusively to cover the essential teaching costs and the teaching material to offer the students or school the lowest possible price.


    For example: For a 50 hour B1 exam preparation course for a class of 30 pupils, we offer an average fee per pupil of only €1.5/hour for a total of €75 for a full-level course. The €75 is all-inclusive of tax, contributions and expenses relating to the teaching material and can be invoiced directly to the student or to your school administration.

  • All-inclusive

    Teaching material and everything you need is included in the price.

    Each student will have everything they need to prepare for the exam. Each lesson is conducted live with a native expert speaker and is accompanied by a multimedia presentation that presents and exercises the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) provided with downloadable material. In addition, interactive quizzes are assigned that students can take from a smartphone or computer.


    We will also indicate the various sites, tools and online resources that students can use independently to improve their language skills to offer a richer and more fun learning experience.


    * Virtual Classroom *

    We will provide an online learning platform with a dedicated page on our site for verification tests, sharing of teaching materials, announcements and important communications regarding the course. In addition, students will have a dedicated group on social networks where they can practice, speaking with teachers and other students in English.



  • Nothing to lose!

    First lesson for free!

    The first meeting or trial lesson will be done free of charge so we will get to know the students, understand their personal needs, to introduce the platform that we will use and test the devices that the students will use if they have to follow the lesson from home or from a laboratory.

    If it is a limited number course, in this phase we will carry out tests for the selection of the students.

  • Something for the Teacher

    Language courses accredited by MIUR also for your teachers

    CALEDONIAN ENGLISH of Barletta provides MIUR accredited training and courses to Teachers in Italy which can be paid for using the government-issued Teacher-Bonus vouchers. Click here for more information.

Make an appointment with us (also online) with no obligations.

To get to know us better and to find out more about all our projects and proposals, we will be happy to make an appointment at your institute or organise a meeting by videoconference. You can also contact us by email or Whatsapp to talk about the details.


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