Let's Speak

Course material and printouts for the Let's Speak Course

Present Review

In this review of the present simple and present continuous tenses.

Getting to know someone

  • Listening:  A dialogues between speakers asking about each other’s background, work, hobbies, travel experience, etc. 

  • Speaking: Getting to know one another using the language from the lesson. revision of terms for describing people you know, e.g. an acquaintance, a mutual friend, a flatmate, a colleague, etc

Learning English

  • Speaking: Review on how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet, how to ask about the meaning and spelling of unfamiliar words.

  • Grammar: Describing different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, prepositions, pronouns, adverbs).

Describing character and behaviour

How to describe a person’s character.

Describing appearance

  • Speaking: Describing other people’s physical appearance

  • Grammar: Adjectives. Describing what someone looks like as well as questions for asking about another person’s looks.


  • Reading: An article about `nomophobia' (the fear of losing one's mobile device).

  • Grammar: Exercise on prepositional phrases. 

Mobile phones - Cell phones

Useful words and phrases for talking about mobile devices. 

Photo story

  • Speaking: Talking about Facebook photos.

  • Grammar: The past continuous tense.

Tourist police

  • Reading: An article about a new "Gangnam style" tourist police force in South Korea.

  • Speaking: Tourism

  • Grammar: Exercise on defining relative clauses.

In the family

Speaking: Describing family members and relationships

Travel plans

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

In the future

  • Reading & Speaking: Text about future predictions that science fiction writer Isaac Asimov made in 1964 about the world of 2014. 

  • Grammar: The structure 'will + infinitive' for making predictions is studied and practised.

Informal emails

  • Writing: How to write informal emails.

  • Typical words and expressions used when greeting someone in an email, writing pleasantries, attaching files, etc.

Shops and shopping

Speaking: Useful words and phrases for talking about shops/stores and shopping.

Buying clothes

  • Speaking: Useful words and structures for describing and buying clothes.

  • Listening: Exercise and a role play activity at the end.

Life stages

Speaking: Describing the different stages of a person's life from childhood to old age.

The Internet

  • Speaking: Talking about the internet. Words and expressions for describing features of websites and actions that people perform on the web.

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