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Diagnostic Activity

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    • Diagnostic Activity
    • Speaking: Useful expressions for meeting and getting to know new people.
    • Grammar: The present simple and present continuous.


    • Speaking: Review on how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet, how to ask about the meaning and spelling of unfamiliar words.
    • Grammar: Describing different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, prepositions, pronouns adverbs).


    • Grammar: A review of the present simple and present continuous tenses.
    • Vocabulary: Daily life; Places and buildings; Services
    • Functions: Daily routine questions; Asking for and giving information; Understanding signs and notices.
    READING AND WRITING Part 1 - Daily life


    • Speaking: describing a person’s physical appearance and character.
    • Grammar: Adjectives.
    • Functions: describing people as well as questions for asking about people


    • Speaking: Talking about Facebook photos.
    • Grammar: The past continuous tense.
    • Vocabulary: sports and games, go, play and do
    READING AND WRITING - PART 4 - Sports and games


    • Reading: An article about a new "Gangnam style" tourist police force in South Korea.
    • Speaking: Tourism
    • Grammar: Exercise on defining relative clauses.
    LISTENING PART 5 - Countries and sports


    • Speaking: Useful words and phrases for talking about shops/stores and shopping.
    • Functions: Costs and amounts


    • Speaking: Useful words and structures for describing and buying clothes.
    • Listening: Exercise and a role play activity at the end.


    Grammar: A review of the past simple and past continuous tenses.
    KEY LISTENING PART 4 PEOPLE - Dates and services

Coffee personality

    Reading: A short article on how people's coffee drinking preferences determine personality traits.
    Speaking: A number of adjectives for describing character are introduced.
    Grammar: Comparatives and superlative forms are studied in the grammar part of the lesson.

In the family and life stages​

    Speaking: Giving information about yourself; Describing family members and relationships; Describing the different stages of a person's life from childhood to old age.
    Vocabulary: Personal identification; Giving personal information; Family.
    Speaking Part 1 - Personal identification

Travel and holidays

    Speaking: Travel and making plans and predictions.
    Grammar: A review of the structure 'going to' + infinitive; Past simple: irregular verbs
    Reading and Writing Part 5 - Travel and holidays

Travel and transport​

    Speaking: A number of words and expressions for talking about private and public transport.
    Grammar: Comparatives and superlatives; Making predictions
    Reading and Writing Part 4 - Transport

In the future

    Reading & Speaking: Text about future predictions that science fiction writer Isaac Asimov made in 1964 about the world of 2014.
    Grammar: The structure 'will + infinitive' for making predictions is studied and practised.

The Internet

    Speaking: Talking about the internet. Words and expressions for describing features of websites and actions that people perform on the web.
    Grammar: Present and past simple Passive
    Vocabulary: social media and Technology
    Exam Practice: Listening Part 3 - Social media and technology

Informal emails - Health and exercise

    Writing: How to write informal emails.
    Vocabulary: Health and exercise; Typical words and expressions used when greeting someone in an email, writing pleasantries, attaching files, etc.
    Grammar: Mixed tenses
    Exam Practice: Reading and Writing Part 6 - Health and exercise

Future review

    Grammar: A review of the structures going to, will and the present continuous for talking about the future.

Saving the earth

    Speaking: Environmental issues - social interaction
    Grammar: 'should/shouldn't + infinitive' for giving advice and recommendations; Modals: possibility, ability and permission; Present continuous and time expressions
    Reading and Writing Part 5 - Social interaction

Health, medicine and exercise

    Speaking: Describing illnesses, symptoms, remedies and healthy/unhealthy lifestyles.
    Vocabulary: Medicine; Exercise; Parts of the body
    Grammar: Modals of Advice
    Listening Part 4 - Health, medicine and exercise


    Reading: A short article on the perception of British culture according to expats living in Britain.
    Grammar: The passive voice is studied in the grammar part of the lesson.

Everyday expressions

    Speaking: Typical English social expressions.

Describing food​

    Speaking: Describing different types of food, including terms for different flavours and dishes.
    Grammar: this, that, these and those; Countable and uncountable
    Listening Part 5 - Food and drink

Expensive taste​

    Reading: A short article on how the price of food influences its taste according to a scientific study.
    Grammar: Verbs and expressions for giving and reporting opinions.

The senses

    Speaking: Nouns and verbs used for talking about senses: sight/see, hearing/hear, touch, smell, taste.


    Grammar: A review of the present perfect tense through
    Listening & Speaking: language practice and role play.
    Functions: Feelings, opinions and experiences
    READING AND WRITING Part 3 - Feelings, opinions and experiences

Weather and climate​

    Speaking: Describe the weather and talk about climate change.
    Functions: Letters and pronunciation
    Spelling Practice

Present perfect practice​

    Grammar: Past simple and past participle forms of common irregular verb and practise the present perfect with 'since', 'for', 'ever' and 'never'.


    Speaking: Describe the education system in their countries using British and American English.
    Vocabulary: School subjects vocabulary
    Grammar: Past simple and past events
    Reading and Writing Part 3 - Education and study

The Good Generation

    Reading: An article about how teenagers in the UK are smoking and drinking less than in the past.
    Grammar: The worksheet focuses on vocabulary and grammar for describing trends.

At home

    Speaking: How to describe household chores and different rooms in their homes.
    Functions: Word order in questions
    Listening Part 2 - House and home

Asking questions

    Grammar: Revision and practice of question structures.
    Speaking: Asking each other questions about Barack Obama.

Hobbies and leisure

    Speaking: Giving information about routines.
    Vocabulary: Seasons and months
    Speaking Part 2 - Hobbies and leisure

Sports and games

    Speaking: Talking about sports and games.
    Functions: Completing a form with personal details
    READING AND WRITING Part 8 - Sport and activities

Rise of the mammone

    Reading: Text about why many Italian adults are still living at home with their parents.
    Grammar: A review of the present, present perfect and past tenses.
    Reading: Text about why many Italian adults are still living at home with their parents.
    Grammar: A review of the present, present perfect and past tenses.


    Reading: Text about a Norwegian proposal to ban begging.
    Grammar: Introduction to the first conditional structure.

Password advice

    Reading and Speaking: An article about how to choose a password according to advice from the UK's spying agency GCHQ.
    Grammar: verb patterns with the infinitive and gerund.

First conditional review​

    Grammar: A review the first conditional structure.

Key Word List

    Exam topic lists
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