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Playful Beginnings in English!

Embark on a Joyful Journey of Colors, Sounds, and Words. Where English Unfolds through Laughter, Songs, and Creative Discovery.

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First Adventures in English: Where Every Day is a New Discovery.


With Cally Tots, every moment is an opportunity for your child to explore the wonders of English through play, imagination and joy. Start the adventure today and watch their world expand!

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Embark on a Magical Learning Journey

Begin your child's enchanting English learning journey with Cally Tots today! At Cally Tots, we cherish the belief that every child is a natural learner, especially with languages.

A World of Joy and Creativity

Our early English learning program for preschoolers is filled with innovation, joy, and creativity. Designed to ignite curiosity, imagination, and the innate ability to soak up new knowledge effortlessly, our approach makes learning English a delightful adventure from the start.

The Perfect Time to Learn

"Now Is the Perfect Time for Language Exploration!" Early language learning has never been so exciting! Research shows that children who start learning a foreign language early in life not only enjoy a more natural and fluent pronunciation but also develop a deep love for languages.

Fun, Engagement, and Effective Learning

With Cally Tots, your child will dive into the English language through a mix of fun, engaging, and effective activities. "Don't wait to give your child the gift of language! Enroll them in Cally Tots today and witness the beginning of their extraordinary English learning adventure."

Discover the Magic of Learning

Discover the magic of learning English with fun and creativity at its heart!


Melodies of Learning


Music and movement are at the heart of Cally Tots, where English learning becomes an exhilarating dance and song fest. We believe in the power of rhythm and rhymes to enhance learning, making language acquisition not just fun but memorable. Our musical activities are designed to help children absorb new words and phrases naturally, improving pronunciation and encouraging a love for the English language through joyful participation.


Expressions of Imagination


In Cally Tots, creativity takes center stage. Through art and craft activities, children express themselves, bringing their inner world to life. As they create, they encounter English in a uniquely engaging way, learning new words and phrases related to their creations. This blend of artistic expression and language learning nurtures both their creative skills and linguistic abilities, making learning an act of joy.


Where Imagination Meets Language


At Cally Tots, we transform traditional learning into an exciting playground of discovery. Through play, children explore the English language, encountering new words and expressions in the most natural setting. Our play-based approach fosters curiosity, enhances cognitive development, and builds vocabulary in a stress-free environment, making every lesson an adventure in learning.


A Journey Through Tales


Dive into the magical world of storytelling with Cally Tots, where stories become the gateway to learning English. Our enchanting tales whisk children away to far-off lands, sparking imagination and instilling a love for storytelling while seamlessly integrating language learning. This immersive approach not only entertains but educates, introducing new vocabulary and concepts through the powerful medium of story.

Join the Fun: Sing, Play, Listen, and Create Your Way to English Fluency!

Join the Fun: Where Learning Meets Play at Unbeatable Prices!


Step into a world where English bubbles with fun, led by our cheerful native-speaker experts! In our cozy groups of 6-10 little learners, your child gets a sprinkle of quality learning mixed with a big scoop of fun. Our courses are a treasure chest of value, offering joyous learning experiences without weighing down your wallet.

Don't let this magical opportunity hop away! Enroll your little explorer in a course today and start a journey filled with giggles and knowledge!


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Still Unsure? Visit Us at Our School.

Seeing is believing. We invite you to visit our school and see firsthand the vibrant learning environment we offer.

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 Exclusive offer for children in an approved kindergarten.

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